Wellington bleg: good high schools for music

By Seamus Hogan 21/10/2014

The staggered move of Offsetting Behaviour to Wellington will soon be completed. I will be following Eric to the capital having taken a position at the School of Government at Victoria University, starting in the new year.

When Eric was about to make his move, he blegged on real estate in Wellington. I shall free load off the intelligence that he gathered then, but now I have a different request: What are the good high schools for children with a strong interest in classical (orchestral) music? Considerations here are whether they have music options as a classroom subject that group together people who already know how to read music and have the rudiments of theory, and whether they have school ensembles (not necessarily an orchestra) of a reasonable standard. We have a preference for co-ed over single-sex and state over private, but are looking at all options. All suggestions welcome.

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  • Seamus, If you’re planning to live in central Wellington, there’s only one coed state school, and that is Wellington High School. Our lad goes there and I can warmly recommend it overall. I haven’t had a lot to do with orchestral music but it’s very strong in performing arts overall, with a group of lads taking out the national Smokefree Rockquest title this year. And (just saying) they also did very well in the regional science fair ..

  • Thanks Carol. We don’t know where we will be living yet. Probably, we will choose a high school and backward induce from there.