Families per household in Auckland

By Aaron Schiff 13/03/2015

The Census classifies each household according to whether it contains one family, two families, or three or more families. There are also categories for one-person households and other multi-person households (flatmates etc).

Within Auckland there are some geographic differences across the household types, as the following dotmap illustrates — click a category to see a representation of the number of households in that category in 2013 by meshblock.

I don’t want to judge people’s choices, but the relatively high concentration of three or more family households in South Auckland seems worrying. Such households are a lot less common in northern and central suburbs.

There are a lot of one-person households in the city centre, as you’d expect. But there are also some bright hotspots of these households further out. Retirement villages?

Also, in case you missed it, Chris McDowall’s interactive dotmap of the Census household income data is fantastic. Also interesting are some of the reactions from people online who assumed that Chris had somehow obtained access to their confidential Census responses and that the dots were located at people’s actual addresses. In case you’re still worried, here is the data that Chris used (and I am using) — have a look at it and you’ll see that there’s no individual information whatsoever. Stats NZ also takes additional steps to protect people’s privacy, such as rounding all count results to the nearest multiple of three.

What’s this? I’m visualising every question on the 2013 Census! Follow along here.