A personal train timetable

By Aaron Schiff 18/03/2015

Fairly often I catch the train from Britomart to Newmarket for client meetings. It is quicker and much cheaper than taking a taxi but for various reasons I find it to be confusing. This is mainly because Newmarket is served by most, but not all train lines from Britomart, so you have to be careful that you get on the right one. In addition the relationship between train lines and platforms at Britomart doesn’t seem to be especially clear (to me), so you have to check the destination of each train, but to further complicate matters the destination for each service is not always the same (sometimes it’s the last stop, sometimes the service terminates earlier). A further point of confusion is that when rushing to get a train, it’s easy to mis-read the platform number versus minutes to departure on the electronic signs at Britomart and think that the minutes is the platform number or vice versa.

So to help myself out I made a personalised timetable of train departures from Britomart to Newmarket, using the data that AT has published in its Google Transit Feed. It was a bit of a mission to extract only the relevant data and I can’t be sure that I didn’t make any mistakes, so use this at your own risk! Each dot on the following chart shows a departure from Britomart to Newmarket with the corresponding final destination of the service. This is for the main services on weekdays; there are some extra services on Friday nights that I haven’t shown, and weekends are completely different.

Newmarket departures

Update: New timetables introduced last week (reflected in the chart above) should have fixed some of my points of confusion:


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