Visualising Auckland rail trips

By Aaron Schiff 24/03/2015

Late last year, TransportBlog posted some detailed data on trips on Auckland’s rail network using HOP cards over 12 months. I understand they went to a considerable amount of effort to get the data, which is awesome, and also awesome that Auckland Transport released it.

I created a visualisation of the data — you can read more about it in this data blog post on the NZ Herald website, or play with it on my site here.


As expected the data shows that most trips are to or from Britomart, but I was also interested to see the significant amount of local trips (especially up and down the Western line). There’s also a good smattering of cross-town trips involving two or more lines, showing that the rail network is not just used for CBD commuting.

If anyone from Auckland Transport is reading — this would be relatively easy to update for other years if you’d like to provide the data …

I’m planning to do a “behind the scenes” post for this visualisation soon, for anyone who might be interested in how it works. A special thanks to Chris McDowall and Richard Law for helping me to make this better.

Editor’s note: we continue to work through Aaron’s excellent back-catalogue of posts.