Rent to income ratio

By Aaron Schiff 14/05/2015

Yikes, it’s been too long since I did a Census challenge post. Been busy with work and stuff …

The next question is weekly rent for households in rented dwellings. One of the results reported is the median weekly rent. I decided to calculate the ratio of that to median weekly household income (for 2013) and put it on a map by Census area unit.

Note I have not normalised for the number of households or population in each area unit. So the maps below do not reflect the number of people or households that are experiencing a high or low rent to income ratio. The maps just show how these ratios vary geographically. (Also something has gone screwy with QGIS font rendering in the latest version so the labels are looking a bit weird).

Here’s Auckland. The one thing that surprised me initially was the relatively high ratio of rent to income in the central city. It’s possibly explained by the high student population, some of whom probably reported low income if they are being supported by their parents or other sources. Interesting also the pockets of higher ratios here and there (but again, this does not reflect the number of households experiencing those ratios).


Welly. There seem to be fewer areas with higher ratios.


And Christchurch, fairly uniform here, given the 10% bands that I’ve set.