Proportion of quaxing households

By Aaron Schiff 22/05/2015

The next item in the Census challenge is the number of motor vehicles per household, and I thought I’d use this to look at the rate of quaxing in New Zealand cities. By definition households with no motor vehicles must quax, so for each Census area unit I’ve calculated the proportion of such households, for 2013.

[Addendum: Obviously households with motor vehicles can quax sometimes too, so the overall rate of quaxing is certainly greater than implied by the maps below].

Here’s Auckland. The city centre is obviously a hotbed of quaxing. There’s also a fair amount of quaxing households in the western and southern suburbs, and an interesting pocket out east. Not so much quaxing on the North Shore however.


Wellington. Lots of quaxing households in the central area, and pockets of quaxing around the satellite centres.


Christchurch. Fewer quaxing households than I expected here, given the flat terrain.


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