Cool book and website

By Paul Walker 18/06/2015

There is a cool new book and website available on the work of F. A. Hayek designed for the general reader.

The book is the The Essential Hayek by Donald J. Boudreaux.

The chapters in the book are:

1. How we make sense of an incredibly complex world
2. Knowledge and prices
3. Individual flourishing and spontaneous order
4. The rule of law, freedom, and prosperity
5. Legislation is distinct from law
6. False economic security and the road to serfdom
7. Economic booms and busts
8. The curse of inflation
9. The challenge of living successfully in modern society
10. Ideas have consequences

The website is The Essential Hayek where you can download a free pdf of the whole book, read the chapters of the book and watch short videos which explain the ideas in the book.