By James Zuccollo 12/10/2016

I had a bit of a play around with mapping the voter return data from the 2016 Auckland local body elections (raw data available here).  I looked at it two ways:

  • What areas had the highest/lowest turnout? (i.e. where is participation high/low)
  • What areas had the highest raw number of votes? (“who elects the mayor”)

Maps addressing these two questions are below.  Note that they don’t include Waiheke, mainly because it’s not part of the “Coastlines” shapefile I used to crop the board boundaries and I decided the effort of separately mapping the board area to the “islands” geographic shapefile wasn’t worth the effort given I have a day job (i.e. I am lazy).  If you are wondering, turnout on Waiheke was very high (58.6%).

Percentage turnout


Number of votes final-votes

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  • I wonder how a map with data on home ownership and owner occupier percentages would go with the above, I think it will tell us something. South Auckland and West Auckland have higher rental occupier rates as far as I have heard, and renters seem to be less inclined to vote in local body elections. Add income levels, and we may see further interesting information on how that may correlate to voter participation.