By Eric Crampton 01/07/2017

I’m glad that the lumberjack tried this one here instead of in the States:

It seems a no-brainer that chainsaws wouldn’t be an acceptable item to take as luggage on a plane, but a man in New Plymouth gave it a go anyway.

After getting upset when he was told he couldn’t take the chainsaw on the plane, the man missed the 4.40pm Jetstar flight to Auckland which left and arrived on time.

He then boarded a 7.15pm flight which was delayed by 67 minutes after the plane’s captain kicked him off for behaving badly.

New Plymouth police senior sergeant Bruce Irvine said it appeared the man had tried to take the chainsaw onto a Jetstar plane and became upset when flight staff stopped him.

The police were called about 5.20pm on Monday as a precaution in case the situation got out of hand, Irvine said, but the situation was sorted out before they arrived.

“They resolved the argument over the chainsaw and he accepted that he couldn’t take it on the plane,” he said.

“No one got arrested,” Irvine said. “It sounds like a storm in a tea-cup.”

Petrol fumes in a chainsaw’s tank can be highly explosive and are not recommended either in checked luggage or as carry-on.

In other parts of the world, trying to bring a chainsaw into an airport and then behaving badly, with the police being called in, might yield rather worse outcomes. Nobody was beaten, shot, or even arrested. Instead, they just resolved the argument over the chainsaw. And this is as it should be, here in the Outside of the Asylum.