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Plain packaging

Paul Walker Sep 05, 2012

The policy of ‘plain packaging’ for tobacco products is an issue here and many other places around the world. The idea is being discussed in the U.K. right now. The Adam Smith Institute has argued against plain packaging. It has published a report ... Read More

A nice point

Paul Walker Sep 05, 2012

At the Homepaddock blog Ele Ludemann makes a nice point about the difference between what people say they want and what they are willing to pay for: A survey established that New Zealanders support incentives to encourage clean industries and technolog... Read More

Green Growth: thoughts from experts

Bill Kaye-Blake Sep 04, 2012

The NZARES conference is on at the moment. I was there yesterday, enjoying sunny Nelson and the good company of ag and resource economists. The theme this year is ‘Green Growth: Logical Possibility or Oxymoron?’ Most of the papers focused on some aspect of the interaction between agriculture and the environment: measuring impacts, framing or [...] … Read More

Housekeeping and Requests!

Eric Crampton Sep 04, 2012

First, a brief note of apology for the shifting timestamps of posts here at The Dismal Science. Two things I’ve now learned: WordPress here is set to US UK [12 hour offset] time and so I need to adjust for time zone differences when scheduling posts in advance of publication. If I don’t hit the manual override switch, any post … Read More

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