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Healthy pregnancy, healthy babies.

Christine Jasoni Jun 15, 2014

Note and Disclaimer: This blog gives a bit of background to a health issue of major concern, as it is reaching epidemic proportions, and a glimpse at what we are doing about it through one component of a recently-funded Health Research Council (HRC) programme grant. This post represents the views and research of the author. It was not commissioned by or for … Read More

Hearing memories fade, but the visual ones linger

Christine Jasoni Apr 13, 2014

I don’t know how many times I need to ask my husband to get milk on the way home. And do you think he remembers? Turns out, he’s not alone. And what’s more – he’s normal. New neuroscience research [1] has revealed that we are way better at remembering things that we see or touch, than we are at … Read More

Science communication: Where to from here?

Christine Jasoni Dec 01, 2013

Science communication has become amazingly popular. As 2014 approaches, so does an interesting new chapter in my otherwise strictly academic life – a small appointment in my university’s Centre for Science Communication. Jumping on this bandwagon seemed an appropriate move for me, as I am both a dyed-in-the-wool academic Neuroscientist, and an enthusiastic science communicator. In considering what I might … Read More

Why you’re not better off in bed.

Christine Jasoni Nov 19, 2013

Why do we sleep? Although it seems a pretty simple question, experts who study sleep are not certain about its exact function. And there are many theories. Some believe that it is a time of cellular restoration [1]. From childhood I subscribed to this theory, complete with a creepy vision of little elves traveling all over my body fixing … Read More

The power of positive parenting

Christine Jasoni Oct 08, 2013

A few weeks ago I wrote about identical twins, and how even genetically identical individuals become different because they will always have experiences that are unique to them [1]. Indeed, the number of unique experiences that a person has is huge, and very different from those of anyone else. Thus, each of us becomes unique through our experiences. So, … Read More

Brain health may be a box of chocolates.

Christine Jasoni Aug 14, 2013

I love chocolate. I could have chocolate morning, noon, and night and never tire of it. You might not be quite as fanatical about chocolate, but even non-lovers may find it difficult to resist now and again. There’s just something about it. Indeed its forces are so powerful that ancient Maya and Aztec cultures included chocolate in religious ceremonies and … Read More