The Nervy Nomad

Being hungry can be risky business

Christine Jasoni Jul 17, 2013

Hands up if you get grumpy when you are hungry! Don’t feel alone; this happens to many of us. Not eating properly throughout the day is often cited as contributing to “having a bad day”. A woman in New York recently pushed a bystander into the subway tracks, stating that she was “angry and hungry” when the crime was committed … Read More

The Nervy Nomad’s Intracranial Peregrinations

Christine Jasoni Jul 15, 2013

This is really my first time trying this, and with all things new that I try, I do it because it sounds fun. Whether this (or any other new thing) will fly or not, is an entirely other consideration, and one that I rarely undertake. I suppose that one day I shall pay for this approach. But until then… The … Read More

Gut feelings: Links between digestion and depression

Christine Jasoni Jul 15, 2013

THIS IS A REPOST from the “SOUTHERN GENES” blog that I wrote last week, but figured it should go here instead.  A condensed version appeared in the 2 July 2013 iThink section of the Southland Times. Can you recall a time when you were nervous about something? The first day of school, a new job, an important speech for work, or … Read More