TOSP Episode 23: March 5th 2012

By Aimee Whitcroft 06/03/2012

Episode 23 of TOSP is _out_, yo!

This week, aimee and Elf talk Mars, twisted radiowaves, a new livestock virus, the new number of neurons in a human brain (clue: it’s less than you might think), oxygen-generating biomaterial, SpeechJamming, meetings and IQ, using cellphone data following disasters, and the survival of the brightest.

Quite a selection!  We hope you enjoy it 🙂


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Scientists see red on NASA cuts of Mars missions

Adding a twist to radio technology

New livestock virus in UK and Europe, unlikely to reach NZ

Silence! Japanese researchers build speech-jamming gun

Researchers develop oxygen-generating biomaterial

How many neurons make a human brain? Billions fewer than we thought



if meetings really lower iq

Cellphones track Christchurch’s earthquake diaspora

Survival of the brightest




Other interesting things

Fossils reveal giant prehistoric NZ penguin

Milky Way Project: Data Release 1

Quest for quirky quantum particles may have struck gold


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