TOSP Episode 25: March 19th 2012

By Aimee Whitcroft 20/03/2012

This is a very special, and slightly sad, edition of TOSP.

In this episode, Elf and aimee bid farewell as hosts of TOSP. However, do not fear!  We’re passing it into the capable hands of Sciblogs Editor Peter Griffin, who will take it forward proudly from here.

We wanted to express to you, our listeners, how much we’ve enjoyed getting this show started.  As we discuss in the podcast, we’re leaving because there are other projects which demand our time (for Elf, it includes Chiasma, and for aimee, nerd nite* and the utterly-insane Mongol Rally) and both of us would like to return to our blogging proper-like, too 🙂 And we love TOSP too much to let it die!

We also discuss some of the subjects for which our listeners should keep an eye, and an ear, out in the coming months. Peter will be covering these issues on TOSP, and if all goes well, we’ll still be doing guest spots and so forth, too! There may be an hiatus of one or two weeks before the NuTOSP is out, of course, but we’re confident you’ll still be there when the podcast gets back 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible, including Sciblogs and all the Scibloggers, the science community in general, and State Shirt and Rhian Sheehan for the use of their music in the intros and outros.

Enjoy, and remember: Stay Curious!


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* She’s the founder/host of the only Southern Hemisphere chapter of nerd nite – nerd nite Wellington – and is always looking for speakers!


Of course, if you’re interested in the subjects we might have covered this week, the pearltree for this episode is here, pearltree for all TOSP episodes is here. And there’s a pearltrees app for those of you with iPads/iphones. You can also follow these posts by RSS here, or you can follow the podcast on iTunes!

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0 Responses to “TOSP Episode 25: March 19th 2012”

  • Thanks, Grant! We’re still going to be very much (if not more so) around, and can’t wait to see what Peter does with TOSP – bet it’ll be great 🙂

  • Right now I’m wishing I had an equivalent of a Mongol Rally to look forward to. Envy never gets you anywhere they say 🙂 Hehe. (Part of me would have me wander off into Central Asia, Asia Minor or someplace and generally lose a few months – but for that little practicality of wanting to have some work lined up to come back to.)

    Looking forward to seeing more on your blog. Speaking of which I’d better to get finishing that ‘Structures in our genomes’ post…

  • Well done guys, you’ve made my Monday afternoons more interesting for the last couple of months and hope all your Exciting New Stuff goes well

  • So when does the new podcast start? Is there a different webpage I should be looking for?

  • no Chris, check out this page just after lunch and episode 26 will be live… great show for you!