Episode 28: the not-so-good oil

By Peter Griffin 11/05/2012

bug_300x250The latest episode of the Sciblogs Podcast is out now, presented by Peter Griffin and produced by John Kerr.

On the Sciblogs Podcast this week we hear from Professor Chris Battershill on the environmental impact of the Rena oil spill, we check out an award winning documentary on Ecuador’s proposal to save its pristine rainforest from oil drilling in exchange for international cash and we catch up with the crowd-funded research efforts of infectious diseases researcher Dr Siouxsie Wiles.


Show notes:

Professor Chris Battershilll’s University of Waikato home page.
A Wild Idea homepage and movie tralier.
Dr Siouxsie Wiles University of Auckland webpage
Siouxsie’s Sciblog – Infectious Thoughts
Siouxsie’s SciFund Challenge – Evolution in Action

Journal Wrap
Plastic problems in the Pacific
Research article published in Biology Letters
BBC News article
The Scripps Institute SEAPLEX project webpage
Living “against the clock” and obesity
Research article in Biology Letters
The Worldwide Experimental Platform
Prof Till Roenneberg explains social jet lag
Ice sheet instability
Research article in Nature
Research article in
Nature Geoscience
Expert commentary from the Science Media Centre
The pleasure of self disclosure
Research article from PNAS
CBS News report