Episode 29: Getting a grip!

By Aimee Whitcroft 18/05/2012

We are getting to grips with nature on the Sciblogs podcast this week as we gain an insight into Japan’s tsunami recovery efforts, manipulate plastic to create tiny solar cells and use brain implants to control a robotic arm – and grip a cup of coffee!


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[audio: http://ia700202.us.archive.org/20/items/SciblogsPodcast29GettingAGrip/SciblogsPodcastEpisode29.mp3]

Show notes

Sciblogger Motoko Kakubayashi checks in from Japan

What to do with 20 million tons of debris – Motoko’s latest Sciblogs post on the Japanese earthquake

The Science Media Centre of Japan website

Shedding light on solar cells with Justin Hodgkiss

Dr Justin Hodgkiss’s staff page at Victoria University of Wellington

A Q&A with Justin on emerging scientists by colleague and Sciblogger’ Elf Eldridge (Just So Science)

Tetraplegics control robotic arm through brain implant

The BrainGate2 robotic arm case study, published this week in Nature

Acompanying ‘News & Views’ article in the journal

You can watch video of the system in action and further researcher interviews on the Science Media Centre website .

Find out more about the BrainGate project on the official website.

Journal Wrap

Life, death and coffee

Research article from the New England Journal of Medicine

Gaydar on the radar

Original article in PLoS ONE

Expert analysis from the Conversation

Googling cancer

Research article from PLoS Computational Biology

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Inflammation thermostat

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