Episode 30: Does this science compute?

By Aimee Whitcroft 25/05/2012

*beep beep buzz whirr*This week on the Sciblogs podcast, we talk to the head of the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure about the opportunities for New Zealand researchers to tap into our supercomputing power.

We check in with the team running the Southern Cross Cable which carries most of our international internet traffic. And we hear from researchers looking at how our descriptions of kinship vary depending on what language we speak.

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[audio: http://ia600506.us.archive.org/34/items/SciblogsPodcastEpisode30DoesThisScienceCompute/SciblogsPodcastEpisode30.mp3]

Show notes

Budget round up from the Science Media Centre

The NeSI website and Nick Jones’ Auckland University home page

The Southern Cross Cable Network

Research article on language and kin in Science, and a related Carnegie Mellon University media release

Journal Wrap

Life on Mars? not quite
Full research article from Science
BBC News report

Parasites pervert TB test
Full article from Nature Communications
Related Nature News article

Slow Quakes
Full article in Geophysical Research Letters
Media round-up on the Science Media Centre website.

Streetlights change ecosystems
Full article in Biology Letters
ABC Science news story