Podcast: The pseudoscience epidemic

By Aimee Whitcroft 27/07/2012

Claims about viruses and phoney cures are put to the test on the Sciblogs podcast this week

In the film Contagion, Alan Krumwiede (Jude Law) peddles his homepathic remidies in the middle of  a global pandemicWe talk to Sue Huang from ESR who cuts through the recent media hype to clarify if NZ is or isn’t experiencing an influenza epidemic.

SciBlogger Michael Edmonds checks in, telling us the latest about his battle against pseudoscience and his  interactions with the Advertising Standards Authority regarding shonky therapeutic claims.

And we take a look at some of the latest Kiwi research appearing in the peer reviewed literature in the journal wrap.

Click below to listen to the Sciblogs podcast episdoe 38

[audio: http://ia600806.us.archive.org/28/items/SciblogsPodcastEpisode38ThePseudoscienceEpidemic/SciblogsEpisode38.mp3]



Show Notes

Influenza Epidemic?

The SHIVERS project  and  Sue Huang quoted on the Science Media Centre site

Pseduoscience stand-off

Michael Edmonds on SciBlogs – Molecular Matters   and Coverage of Michael’s crusades in The Listener

Journal Wrap

Surfs Up!: Full research article and coverage by ESPN in the States

Climate change hits the slopes: Coverage on Stuff.co.nz plus the research paper

Future of Protein: News coverage in the Dominion Post and full research article

Child cross-examination on trial: Full review

DOC vs. the weeds: Press release and Research article