Podcast: Skeptics, eruptions and the male pill

By Peter Griffin 17/08/2012

Episode 40 sees us revisiting volcanology and some fun with explosives as a New York professor uses explosives to recreate the eruptive effect of maars – low profile volcanoes, the remnants of which can be seen across Auckland’s volcanic field.

Professor Greg Valentine

We check in with Vicki Hyde, the founder and stalwart of the NZ Skeptics Society who outlines what attendees at the Society’s conference in Dunedin at the end of the month can expect. We also hear from one of the researchers behind a cancer drug that turned out to be effective as a male contraceptive.

Also – a new segment – best science site of the week – this week… not a site but a Facebook page – I Fucking Love Science!

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Show notes

The NZ Skeptics Society conference – how to register, dates, programme

Scibloggers David Winter and Michael Edmonds who are on the speakers list for the Skeptics conference

Buffalo New York State University Professor Greg Valentine’s research page and the release on his maar explosions.

I Fucking Love Science on Facebook

Bloomberg: Male birth control from compound works in mice

The male contraceptive – research background