The Last Hurrah (for now)…

By Aaron Small 23/12/2009

It is with a tinge of sadness that I must announce to all my readers that I will be leaving New Zealand and moving overseas for the foreseeable future. I’m doing this not only to further my career, but also to experience what life in another part of the world is all about. I’m incredibly excited.

Since beginning blogging about 6 months ago I have notched up over a half century of posts (58 to be precise), read many more, and as result learnt far more than I may have otherwise. I have met (virtually) a great number of passionate people and hopefully I have managed to convince some of you of the importance of science and technology in not only determining New Zealand’s future prosperity, but the World’s.

Rest assured I still have many more posts in me, and I hope to continue while I’m abroad – which could make some interesting comparisons to how things are done here in NZ.

I’ll be travelling through SE Asia and China en-route to Europe where I hope to settle. If you know of anyone in that area who would love to employ an enthusiastic and passionate young mind in a science & technology-related area, please ask them to get in touch via this blog!

Best wishes for the festive season,


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  • Good luck. One small travelling tip, something I try do. Try calling in on local universities to talk to the students (or staff in my case) if you have that sort of lazy schedule. You will need a lax schedule to do this, though. (I prefer my trips to be longish and largely unplanned so that I’ve time to randomly take up whatever transpires.) They’re great local guides and often know English and may share your own interests, too.

    Don’t feel bad about working overseas, if that’s really what’s needed to follow your career. NZ is a tiny country with dodgy science funding; career-wise I should have stayed overseas myself.