Lanzatech makes the 2010 Guardian Cleantech 100

By Aaron Small 13/10/2010

The 2010 Guardian Cleantech 100 was out yesterday. This list seeks to answer the question: which 100 of today’s private cleantech companies are the most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next 5-10 years?

This year saw over 4000 nominations that were eventually funnelled down to around 200 companies, and then presented to an expert judging panel comprised of leading cleantech investors and corporations from Europe, the USA and Asia.

New Zealand company Lanzatech has made it onto this years list which is a fantastic achievement. Lanzatech uses a proprietary bacteria to convert ‘dirty’ waste gases from industry into ethanol that can be used as a fuel. It has run a pilot plant scale development to prove the technology at the Glenbrook Steel Mill, out of Auckland, since 2007, and has recently signed an agreement to build a demonstration plant at Baosteel’s Shanghai steel mill.

Aside from Lanzatech’s success in making the 2010 list, the site is a fantastic resource for what is happening in the cleantech sector right now. There is some incredible innovation happening – and proof that we have some of the solutions for combating climate change. The next challenge will be in how to scale them.

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  • Hi Aaron, I just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’m looking forward to hearing how you go in Europe and what you can learn from the comparison with NZ.

    How’s the job hunt going? You’re a chemist aren’t you. I have a good friend (Kiwi boy) who works for Cambridge consultants ( He might be a good person to talk to if you’re still looking – might have some leads and he’s a super cool guy too.

    It sounds like we have a lot of interests in common. I think we may have met before. I studied physics at Victoria and have worked for the MacDiarmid Institute as a science communicator for 7 years. I’m particularly interested in science and tech based industry – cleantech in particular. I’ve been really inspired by Paul Callaghan’s book Wool to Weta and Shaun Hendy’s research on collaboration networks. Having read your posts I get the sense that you share this inspiration and have a strong vision for NZ – a thriving ecosystem of science and tech-based companies that nourish the science sector and provide wealth for the country.

    I think this vision is awesome and as a science communicator and storyteller I want to help bring it about. I recently won the PM’s science media communication prize and am taking the opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery around NZ. My aim is to discover and draw together a new Kiwi vision and culture that has science at the very heart. I’ll be meeting with people in different sectors – business, environmental, design, science – and finding out what the needs, concerns, interests and visions are across the sectors. I’ll be looking for possible matches for collaborations – if I find some good ones I will trial some collaboration workshops. I want to find and tell a new story about what NZ is all about and what we can achieve – all about collaboration, creativity, innovation, originality and environmental and social best practice. It’s great to read your blog-posts about Lanzatech. I’ve just added them to my list of people to go talk to!

    I recently started a blog too if you’re interested in following my journey:
    I just started on Sunday so it’s early days yet but should be pretty regular from now on.