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This is your brain on LSD

Will Hayward Apr 12, 2016

We have this idea that Science tells us about how the world is, and is unaffected by politics and morality. Sure, the real world may ignore Science – so that vast knowledge about the causes and likely effects of global climate change have been waved off by many politicians. But scientists still study that stuff, right? The knowledge … Read More

Is Kiwimeter racist?

Will Hayward Mar 21, 2016

For a country that takes sport too seriously, lives or dies on the international price of dairy products, and has a Prime Minister so weird that international TV hosts are fascinated by him, it is unusual for a social science research project to be one of the stories of the week. But that happened last week, with a barrage of … Read More

Why is it so hard to choose a flag?

Will Hayward Sep 10, 2015

I’ve seen a lot of movies in my life but I have no trouble telling you the absolute worst one I ever saw.  Its name was “Wilder Napalm”, and you’ve never seen it but believe me, that’s OK. It starred Dennis Quaid and Debra Winger (ask your parents) as pyromaniacs who could start fires with their minds. Dennis joined … Read More

What politicians can teach us about our own jobs

Will Hayward Sep 09, 2015

One of the greatest causes of stress in our lives is change. Starting a new job or losing an old one, getting married or divorced, or moving house all create major challenges for us, because an entire domain of life is suddenly and irrevocably altered. It takes time to settle into the new circumstances, and develop an understanding of new … Read More