Aussie’s national science week

Peter Griffin Aug 14, 2013

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Projected US temp changes by 2100

Peter Griffin Aug 05, 2013

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Inside the ISS – hair-raising hygiene

Peter Griffin Jul 15, 2013

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The X Prize and visioneering

Peter Griffin Jun 05, 2013

[vimeo][/vimeo] A different approach to innovation – identify an audacious but achievable goal, put $10 million on the table and give it to the people who get there first – that’s how X Prize works. Read More

Black’s Bletchley mission

Peter Griffin Jun 04, 2013

[vimeo][/vimeo] Sue Black, senior researcher in University College London’s department of computer science, has been instrumental in saving the national codes centre at Bletchley Park – birthplace of the modern computer and key to the Allies’ success in the Second World War – from closure. Read More