Grounded – mapping the impact of the ash cloud

By Peter Griffin 18/04/2010

Not surprisingly, newspapers around the world have given extensive coverage to the volcanic ash clouds over Europe as airports remain closed, travellers stranded.

Here are a couple of infographics from the region, that try to make sense of the story. They are variations on the same theme. Which does a better job? The top one is from Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the bottom one from The Press of Christchurch.

Source: Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

the press 1

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  • I think they both work well, but in slightly different ways.

    The first’s timeline is quite useful. On the other hand, I like the details given about the composition of the ash in the second.

    Aesthetically, I’d say that the second graphic looks newer/more modern than the first, and, while having less colour (and therefore possibly stnading out less) is probably the better graphic overall.