The world by supercomputer

By Aimee Whitcroft 02/06/2010

The annual Top500 list of supercomputers has been released, and this year the winning supercomputer, Nebulae, has a theoretical peak performance at 2.98 PFlop/s.

Of course, given the human wish to compete over things, one way to look at the results is by country, to see who’s got the top supercomputers.  China won this year, for example, but the United States has by far the largest proportion* of these brilliant machines.

Helpfully, the BBC has made an interactive infographic for anyone who’d like to know more about who has what.

TOP500 supercomputers
World’s supercomputing superpowers (image from the BBC)

There’s also a great article on the subject of supercomputers, which can be found here.

UPDATE: It’s encouraging to see that New Zealand is represented in the list.  We have 7, and you can see details about them here. Yay HP!

*It’s worth noting that the machines in the list are those admitted to by governments.  It doesn’t involve classified supercomputers, which might change the picture a bit.

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  • Interesting that NZ has 7, and Australia only has one. However, the fact that 6 of them are owned by Weta Digital goes some way to explaining that (the seventh is owned by NIWA).

  • Oh, good work on that one! I hadn’t looked that far but yes, it does make sense that Weta would need that sort of grunt power.

    I’ve always wanted to go visit their nommy server farm(s) as well 🙂