Auckland through the years (infographic)

By Peter Griffin 24/08/2010

The New Zealand Herald has created a simple but effective infographic to accompany the series John Roughan is writing on the changes Auckland has gone through over the years.

While Roughan goes all the way back to the layered rock formations that created Auckland’s distinctive cliffs, the interactive graphic on the site at the moment tracks population change since 1842.

For instance, by hovering the scale on 1964, the graphic will tell you that there were 535,167 people living in the city, which covered 26,793 hectares. In 1864 there were 12, 423 people in the city but the city was much smaller, nearly 565 hectares.

There is a lot more interesting info that could be layered on top of this infographic – changing land-use or pop-ups showing photos from the Herald archive at each point in history. Hopefully more of that will come soon, either in this infographic or others similar to it.

(Right click and open in a new window for a larger version)

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