Waiology moving from water cycle to freshwater sciences

By Waiology 26/11/2012

By Daniel Collins

After over a year serving New Zealand as a source of information and discussion on hydrology and the water cycle, I am pleased to announce that Waiology is expanding its scope to freshwater sciences and allied disciplines more generally. This includes all things hydrological, as before, but also aquatic ecology and chemistry, fluvial geomorphology, hydraulic engineering, and related policy and management.

Waiology will continue to serve as a conduit among scientists, professionals and the public, and guest posts will continue to appear from time to time. The pool of contributions will now grow, and no doubt the relevance to both science and the country.

The reason for the evolution is simple. Research and management of freshwater is better if working across disciplinary boundaries. Our challenges are not about the quantity of water alone, nor quality or hazards, but many related issues that must be managed in unison. Hence a science blog that treats them in unison.

I look forward to continue serving you as editor of Waiology, and bringing many more minds to this forum.

Dr Daniel Collins is a hydrologist and water resources scientist at NIWA.