Happy World Water Day!

By Waiology 22/03/2013

By Daniel Collins

WaterGovernanceWaiology2013World Water Day is held annually on 22 March to focus people’s attention on freshwater and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Championed by the United Nations, each year is dedicated to a different theme. This year’s theme is cooperation (“water, water everywhere, but only if we share”), and it is for this reason that for the month of March, Waiology has been running the series on water governance.

WorldWaterDay2013Already we have read insightful commentary and analysis from across New Zealand, each time giving some thought to the role of science in the process of water governance. But there is plenty more to come. In fact, we have so much that the series will have to spill over into April.

So how will you commemorate World Water Day?

Here are 10 ideas:

For my part, I will do what I always do: hydrology. And observe the Government’s freshwater reforms consultation meeting this afternoon in Christchurch.

Dr Daniel Collins is a hydrologist and water resources scientist at NIWA.