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NIWA’s Citizen Snow Project: How deep is the snow at your place?

Waiology Jun 20, 2013

By Daniel Collins With the current storm crossing the country this week, NIWA has kicked off its Citizen Snow Project. The project seeks assistance from public at large to contribute to New Zealand’s snow science research by gathering snow measurements at home, in their neighbourhood, or wherever they may be. Snow measurements at NIWA’s Tekapo field office, … Read More

Rhombosolea retiaria: The freshwater flounder

Waiology May 30, 2013

By Amber McEwan In lakes, rivers and estuaries throughout New Zealand, groups of aquatic flying carpets are mobilising and moving downstream towards the sea. Late autumn marks the time when a special species of New Zealand flatfish – the freshwater black flounder or patiki – embarks upon a spawning migration to the sea, with juveniles re-entering freshwater and migrating back … Read More

Reader feedback invited for Waiology

Waiology Apr 09, 2013

By Daniel Collins Waiology has been running for the better part of two years now, and has just completed a significant series on water governance. And as Waiology moves ahead, it would be very helpful to know what you think about the blog. Are you happy with the status quo? What’s good or not so good? How useful and … Read More

Water governance in New Zealand: A conclusion

Waiology Apr 08, 2013

By Daniel Collins When it comes to managing our freshwaters well, science can provide only part of the solution. It is important to appreciate how much water we have, what quality it is, and how our activities change these things – questions that only science can answer – but it is also important to appreciate what people want from … Read More

Collaborative water management delivers local solutions in north Canterbury

Waiology Apr 04, 2013

By David Eder and Ian Whitehouse In July 2013 the Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee will notch up three years of work. It was set up as part of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy – a collaborative process for finding local solutions to water issues within an environmentally sustainable framework. In July 2010 the committee’s daunting task was … Read More