How much water does NZ have?

Waiology Jun 08, 2011

By Daniel Collins The amount of water that falls on New Zealand each year is about 560,000 million m3. Lumped together as ‘precipitation’, this is mostly rain, but also snow, hail and even some graupel. That’s enough water to cover the country 2.1 metres deep, or to fill Lake Taupo over 9 times. More than most countries, but not … Read More


Why Waiology?

Waiology Jun 02, 2011

By Daniel Collins Water (‘wai’ in te reo Maori) is one of NZ’s most precious resources. We drink it, we eat food grown with it, we power our homes and businesses with it, we play in it, and we are mentally and spiritually uplifted by it and by what it brings. But despite being relatively water-rich on an international stage, … Read More


Meeting the two Steves

John Nixon Nov 05, 2009

Steve who? you say… Well Steven Joyce, New Zealand Minister for Communications and Information Technology, and Stephen Conroy, Australian Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Both were present and co-opened the KANZ Broadband Summit at Sky City yesterday. They seemed to know and appreciate each other, with mutual banter about Rugby, the weather, ’G’day … Read More